The first energy neutral documentary.

In 2017, NatGeo and Shell joined forces to create Positive Energy, a documentary series about the future of renewable energy. But it couldn’t be just another documentary. It had to be consistent with brand’s message. It had to be produced with the least possible impact for the planet.



But making an international documentary uses energy: driving from city to city, charging electrical equipment, and most of all, the necessary flights; it all adds up to a substantial energy spend.



This series was different – we set ourselves the challenge of going ‘Energy Neutral’ within each show. Measuring our energy usage in Megajoules, we logged our energy usage as we proceeded through the show.



Along the way, the documentary showed how NatGeo team reduced their own energy usage: staying in green hotels, using personal solar devices, hiring gear locally, reducing crew numbers.



Towards the end of each episode, the NatGeo team created Legacy Projects, that will produce green energy over their working life, which will match and eventually exceed the energy spent on shooting for the show.



Positive Energy was presented by Dallas Campabel and Kari Byron, and some opinion leaders who participated in the show were Derek Muller, Akon, Sarah Wright Olsen, and Karrueche Tran.



Roles: Concept Development, Creative direction


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