An organic serif font.

Landa is a glimpse from the cutting edge into the past. Inspired by Venetian lettering from the 15th century, whilst giving them new meaning, its letters become expressionist and have a modern touch. A rendez-vous between Nicolas Jenson, Oldřich Menhart, and nature itself.



In Landa you can feel the texture of trunks and branches, from full fertile splendour to dried-out frailty. It takes the reader for a stroll through the woods on a late autumn evening, or on an adventure through the Amazonian rainforest, depending on the weight chosen.



In the lighter and italic options, Landa text is organic and rustic, and very comfortable to read. What’s more, while it’s discreet on smaller screens, when enlarged it reveals brittle and expressive calligraphic shapes. This also makes it ideal for packaging or display elements.



Landa provides advanced typographical support in several languages and OpenType features including case-sensitive forms, small caps, contextual alternatives, stylistic alternates, fractions, proportional and tabular figures.



The font was awarded as a one of the best serif fonts released in 2017 according Fontshop, shortlisted in the  Communication Arts 2018 Typography competition and listed as one of the top selling fonts in 2017 by Myfonts.



Role: Designer

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