A new unified global digital design.

Fraunhofer, the leading organization for applied research in Europe, needed to redefine its digital platform. A platform that is used by its 25,000 employees and which must communicate its innovative essence: technological on one hand and approachable on the other. 



Modernity, simplicity, and superior usability were therefore essential characteristics of the platform. And a clean layout and bigger images gave it the feel of a magazine in several sections.



Fraunhofer.com helps people go beyond the headlines and deeper into the projects. It also plays a vital role in bringing employees, scientists and organizations deeper into the brand’s ecosystem with rich content about its news, fields of research, history, and more.



The platform was designed with a modular structure in mind to host hundreds of pages. Easy adaptation and flexibility were the two key elements when it came to UX and UI. 



The Fraunhofer platform is a fully-responsive digital experience, and its lightness makes it fast to load on every device.



Role: UX and UI leardership




Data Visualization

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