A new home for the tech powerhouse. 

In 2016 Siemens launched its new global brand identity under the slogan “Ingenuity for life” and a relaunch of the website was part of the communication strategy. The main values: engineering skill, genius, innovation, and a sense of responsibility.



The challenge was to transform a web presence centered on information and move it toward a platform that is perfectly tailored to the clients’ needs and their demands. This is reflected in the structure of the new website, which is now more target-oriented and offers clients exactly what they are looking for: topics and issues that are relevant to their industries and sectors, the added value of premium content, and direct access to products and solutions.



The new digital experience is also even more user-friendly and, most notably, more interactive. 



We put a great deal of thought into the site’s visual impact: large visual elements and modern images are intended to give it the feel of a magazine that emphasizes content, is up-to-the-minute, and is fun for users.



A major highlight of the new website is that, drawing on big data analytics and visualizations, users will not only be presented with precisely those topics, news items, and products which interest them, they will also be able to see the pages most read by other users at all times.



The homepage and core areas of the website were rolled out in 90 countries. Content marketing and orchestrated communications on topics surrounding ‘Digitization’, ‘The future of industry’, ‘Sustainable energy’, and ‘Intelligent infrastructure’ form the key subject matter of the new platform.



Roles: UX and UI leadership




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