Instant and easy investment in an app.

Transforming an investing experience that takes 10 steps and 20 days into digital investing that takes 6 steps and 20 minutes was no mean feat. In the Pifour project, the challenge was to offer an intuitive solution that makes the end user feel connected, understood, and competent, no matter their investment experience.



A genuine, truly intuitive user experience from the beginning was crucial to the success of the service. The first step was to create a simulator with an extremely easy-to-understand UI that would match the client’s investment objective and profile and the client’s risk tolerance.



Secondly, to make registration easier with as few steps as possible, and explain step by step how the process is built.



And finally, to provide an incredibly user-friendly dashboard with all the relevant information for decision-making, using the people’s language, not bankers’ language.



The dashboard should prove that instead of giving up control, the client is gaining more control over their finances due to easy access at all times.



Roles: UX and UI leadership


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